Maxwell Render 3.1 торрент


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Maxwell Render 3.1 торрент

Maxwell Render 3.1 торрент

Next Limit Maxwell Render 3. Next Limit Maxwell Render 3.

Next Limit Maxwell Render 3. Максвелл рендер — это автономный движок рендеринга для создания идеальных образов, фильмов и анимаций из 3D моделей. Это готовое решение для тех, кто требует безукоризненных результатов за короткий срок.

Максвелл рендер обеспечивает максимальное качество, скорость и совместимость для архитекторов, дизайнеров и художников визуальных эффектов. Reality means predictable, reliable first-time results. With Maxwell Render, you can focus your valuable time and energy on creating your vision, not struggling with obscure computer graphics terminology and tweaking parameters.

Авторский ликбез

Be confident that your simulations truly reflect reality. Maxwell Render’s incredible lighting accuracy means that your materials will look the way they are supposed to, and every detail of your textures and models will play a part in bringing your render to life. The advanced ray tracing technology which forms the core of Maxwell Render’s engine is so powerful that it is capable of simulating light exactly as it is in the real world.

Which is why Maxwell Render is the benchmark in render quality. The physical sky system in Maxwell Render uses a novel approach, offering a wide range of real-life, physically-correct variables to control the look of the sky and lighting in your scene. Computer time is less important and far less expensive than human time. Don’t spend your valuable time endlessly tweaking dozens of parameters, just set your scene with simple Maxwell settings — and move on to your next project!

Maxwell Render 3.1 торрент


Maxwell FIRE gives you immediate feedback in the renderer for adjustments to lighting, materials and camera settings. And unlike other interactive style renderers, Maxwell FIRE is compatible with ALL Maxwell materials and features. The camera in Maxwell Render has all the parameters you would expect in a real camera — f-Stop, Focal Length, Shutter speed, ISO, film size, diaphragm blades.

This means that DOF, bokeh and the exposure match your live footage — making the compositing stage far quicker and simpler. Instances are a great way to save memory when rendering.

With 10,000 instances of 1 object, Maxwell Render will consume the same amount of memory at render time as if it was rendering only the 1 object. Instances are great for creating vegetation, bricks, furniture or any other extensively repeated geometry in your scene.

Maxwell Render’s accurate 3D motion blur can now handle unlimited sub-steps, and can be set for both a still camera to mimic long exposure effects such as trails of light, and a film camera to show the motion blur effect of fast moving objects. The amount of motion blur is directly controlled from the camera, by either the shutter speed or the rotary shutter angle. Hair systems are automatically converted to the Maxwell primitive — which is highly optimized for memory consumption and speed. The hair primitive has actual thickness so any Maxwell material can be applied to it, including transparent, refractive materials.

The Maxwell Render grass generator allows you to quickly create grass on a selected piece of geometry. Designed to offer maximum control over the look of the grass — from impeccable detail on close-up shots to fast-rendering further away from the camera.

Compatible with Maxwell Studio and almost all supported plugins. This emitter type projects a conical light beam, mimicking the spotlights used by photographers and cinematographers. You can control the shape of the beam by adjusting the cone angle and the falloff of its borders. They can also work as image projectors, projecting the map you input just like a slide projector.

Often when you render an image, residual noise is concentrated in certain areas of the scene due their particular lighting and material characteristics. 1 update, Maxwell can now read and render OpenVDB files directly. This file format can efficiently store very detailed and large volumetrics based on a 3D grid of voxels instead of individual point particles, which makes it more efficient for storing and rendering detailed volumetrics where otherwise billions of individual particles would have been needed. Maxwell Studio now includes an animation tool which makes it very easy to generate simple scene animations such as turntables or time-lapses, directly from Studio.